Technology Transparent Partition

Transparent display uses the similar technology of See-through LCD which, allows your message to change in the display before the viewers’ eyes. This application is highly effective in retail shops, hotels, convention centres and more.

Liquid crystal technology has been applied to the development of a new transparent display that achieves both high transmittance and low power consumption. This display is being applied to partitions which help social distancing while also adding value by providing images.


Information displayed by switching between “transparent” and “scattering” of Transparent Display.


High transparency (transmittance is 60% or more) allows clear visibility through the transparent display even in bright indoor light.


Power consumption is greatly reduced (10% or less than that of conventional methods) because the display does not emit light.

Suitable For B2C Scenarios

Changeable Signage

Visible In Multiple Lightings

Customisable Designs