Applications Sensors

In the era of information. Sensor technology helps your product be smarter and perform more intuitively to behave interactively and anticipate needs with minimal waiting time.

Sharp has harnessed sensor technologies that are able to detect multiple subjects effectively and efficiently. Optimally control indoor air quality with our dust sensor and PM2.5 sensor equipped within your cleaning robots or air purification systems. Enhance anticipation actions with our time of flight (TOF) and proximity sensors that will give your products the added smart edge with low power consumption that is a cut above the competition. With photo-interrupter sensors, make a marked distinction in your product using our rapid and exact detection technologies. Make use of distance measuring sensors and make automation as simple as reaching your hand out for a pump of hand wash that not only is quick to react but stands the test of repeated use.

Each application method is highly customisable and is available in a wide array both for analogue and digital outputs. Speak with us today to find the perfect sensor application for your product.

Robot Sweeper Sensor

PM2.5 Particle Sensor

Assistive Robot Sensor