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Reflective LCDs are often used for low power applications since there is no backlight using power, the overall power consumption is small. They offer great display potential with easy to read screens that work well both outdoors and indoors. Being lightweight and energy efficient make them even more attractive as a commercial signage proposition. According to market research conducted by IDTechX, public information displays will become the biggest application of reflective displays.

Using IGZO, Sharp has achieved further reduction in power required to run the displays. Making our reflective LCDs highly attractive as a solution for public communication application. The screens are lightweight and durable, easy to transport and install. They also have quick refresh rates so multiple messaging is accurate, highly visual and effective.

ModelInchDisplayResolutionCD/M2Power ConsumptionInterfaceReflective ratio
5” IGZO Reflective 5”HD720 X 1280150LCD 0.1W
Backlight 0.72W
32” IGZO Reflective31.5"FHD (Full Color)1920 X 108027LCD 1.8W
Backlight 3.5W
54.5” IGZO Reflective54.5”FHD (Full Color)1920 x 1080100LCD 1.5W Backlight 40WeDP9%
54.5” IGZO Reflective54.5”FHD (8bits Grayscale)1920 x 1080No backlightLCD 1.5WeDP19%
90” IGZO Reflective90”FHD (Full Color)1920 x 108090LCD 12W Backlight 230WLVDS9%
A2 size Color E Ink28.6”3K (E Ink Spectra6)3060 x 2160No backlightNo power consumed
when still image

These LCD models are reflective LCD. These full-color displays are able to display clearly under the sunlight and consume ultra-low power. They are perfect solution when good outdoor readability and low-power battery operation is required.

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