Technology PCI
(Plasmacluster™ Ions)

Plasmacluster™ ions are the same type of positive and negative ions that occur in nature. This proprietary Sharp technology purifies the air and has been proven to be safe to humans no matter the ion concentration.

Positive (H+) and negative (O₂-) ions of the Plasmacluster™ ions bond on the surface of airborne viruses and other substances and change into OH radicals. With their extremely strong oxidizing power, the OH radicals quickly extract hydrogen (H) from the protein on the surface of viruses and other substances, thus decomposing the protein and suppressing activity. The surface of things like bacteria and allergens consists mainly of protein. Removing the hydrogen atom (H) from this structure inactivates the undesirable substance. Furthermore, the OH radical bonds with the removed hydrogen atom (H) to immediately form water (H₂O), which is returned to the air.

Plasmalcuster™ air purification technology will ensure air quality and surrounding surfaces are additionally clean and free from dust, harmful bacteria, viruses and microbes and more. The air purification systems can be applied to new projects and pre-existing environments as well. Retrofit existing boardrooms, office blocks, air conditioning ducts and even elevators with our duct type Plasmalcuster™ modules. Create and maintain a healthy and safe environment with Plasmalcuster™ technology. Speak with us today to get the best solution for your requirements.

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