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A necessity for work, study and play, display panels have evolved with technological advancements that make them highly portable and efficient for multiple product applications. Performance and appearance hold equal importance in the making of any laptop, display monitor, or mobile display product.

We understand the importance of adopting the latest technology advances to push for the next. Sharp employs both the latest and the best technological advances in the production of our hardware. Nothing is compromised in research and development to create the best performing panels that meet the needs of end-user customers and stand the test of time.

With ultra-narrow bezel footprint, the end-user can see every detail without distractions while true, dynamic colour and resolution make accurate editing a breeze for creatives. Touch and active stylus add interactive control and aid professional and personal adaptation toward digitisation and development.

Multi-environment adaptability makes our screens an ideal fit for modern lifestyles. Whether for gaming, creative work, academic pursuit, or leisure, our energy-efficient hardware enables your products to deliver outstanding performance and look a cut above the competition.

Speak with us today to find the best solution that takes your product to the next level.

Screen sizeResolutionFrame rateBrightness (typ)Contrast ratio (typ)Color gamutDisplay modeInterfaceApplication
14"1920x 108060Hz250 cd/㎡ 1000:1NTSC 45% IPSeDP Ver 1.2Notebook/PC
16"1920x 1200
165Hz300 cd/㎡ 1000:1NTSC 45% IPSeDP Ver 1.4Notebook/PC

These LCD models are suitable for IT devices, for example laptop or mobile monitor.

Tablet Screen

Doing Online Learning

Desktop Monitor

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