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The world advances in connectivity as the internet continuously expands and satellites launch into space at the rate of about 1 every 4 days. IoT has become a way of life as we use our mobile devices to perform daily tasks. We expect a measure of convenience provided by connectivity over a mesh network seamlessly allowing us to access and control certain electrical appliances. And all the more important are memory LCD and reflective LCD to facilitate the convenience and show information or indication of data received.

Interactivity has also taken centerstage with new to market products like smartwatches, portable devices and monitor screens requiring TFT technology that can provide refresh rates of up to 60Hz and have a long lifespan.

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InchResolutionPower Consumption (Static image)Power Consumption (update image)InterfaceColorReflective RatioTransmission ratio
1.2"240 X 24011uW500uWRGB64-color8.40%0.95%
1.28"176 X 17625uW30uWSPIBlack & White16.6%0.3%
1.29"260 X 2605.2uW280uWRGB64-color8.7%1.2%
1.39"280 X 2806.0uW310uWRGB64-color8.7%1.2%
1.8"230 X 30315uW100uWSPIBlack & White15.5%0.3%
2.13"240 X 32032uW290uWRGB64-color8.7%1.2%
2.7”400 X 24050uW250uWSPIBlack & White17.50%0.25%
3.16"336 X 53630uW250uWSPIBlack & White14%0.20%
4.4"320 X 240100uW500uWSPIBlack & White18%0.25%

These memory LCD models are able to display clearly under the sunlight and consume ultra-low power. They are perfect solution when good readability and low-power battery operation is required. They are suitable for handheld devices and IoT solutions.

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