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No matter the place, whether a Doctor’s office, a modern retail store, or, a fast-paced factory floor, screens have taken the place of posters and print outs to transmit information. Fast to display information of any kind in full colour and pristine detail, LCD screens also increase efficiency and help decrease unnecessary contact.

At Sharp, whether you are looking for a rugged, industrial-grade TFT LCD from our stock line-up, a display with premium out-of-the-box performance under Sharp warranty, or a specialized multi-touch PCAP or High-Brightness value-added solution, we aim to meet both your specifications and budgetary requirements. Plus, our vast engineering resources and technical support gives you the advantage to get to market quickly.

Our LCD roadmap is continually expanding with new sizes and features to meet a broader set of requirements. Speak with us today to find the perfect solution for your specifications.

7”WVGA800 X 480380LVDS 24bitsmin 20,000hours
10.4"VGA640 X 480450LVDS 18bitstyp 50,000hours
12.1"WXGA1280 X 800700LVDS 24bitstyp 50,000hours
15"XGA1024 X 768400LVDS 24bitstyp 70,000hours
19"SXGA1280 X 1024350LVDS 24bitstyp 70,000hours

These LCD models are industrial grade LCDs, which are suitable for long operating time and tough working environment.

ECG Monitor

ATM LCD Display

Signage LCD Display

Industrial Machine LCD Display

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