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Car displays are evolving as fast as electronics increase performance in the vehicles that make our daily lives functional. In-vehicle displays assist drivers with tasks and display visual information. It is essential for these displays to stand the test of constant temperature shifts throughout the day and interaction with both driver and passengers.  That is why our panels are trusted to perform well consistently.

Designed to deliver high resolution and pristine colours, our LCD panels enhance the quality of information viewers see. Certified to meet industry standards, the panels are made to perform even in the toughest industry reliability tests.

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Screen sizeResolutionOperating Temperature Luminance (TYP)Viewing Angle (TYP)Interface
7”1280 (H) x 720 (V)-30~85 ℃ 900 cd/㎡U/D/L/R: 80°LVDS 24bits (8bit x RGB)
10.1”1280 (H) x 720 (V)-30~85 ℃ 700 cd/㎡U/D/L/R: 80°LVDS 24bits (8bit x RGB)
12.3” 1920 (H) x 720 (V)-30~85 ℃ 900 cd/㎡U/D/L/R: 80°LVDS 24bits (8bit x RGB)

These LCD models are certified with automotive industry standard. They have wide operating temperature range and able to work in the robust environment. Their high brightness and wide viewing angles enable the a clear view under sunshine from all the angles.

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